Rafting + Terrace River pool Swing

Rafting + Terrace River pool Swing

Bali Terrace Swing River Side :

Our Best View Of Rice Terrace River Pool Will Full Fill Your Wonderful Experience While You Are Swinging By Our Friendly Staff.

Ubud terrace swing is not just a rice terrace, the farmer here also grow their coffee plan, vanila, spice and chocolate, above the amazing view of rice terrace we will able also to enjoy the amazing Swing experience, the farmer will showing us how the process how they pick up coffee bean from the coffee three and roasting coffee on perfect timing to get the perfrectly cooked bean of coffee. Visitor will welcomed with a free tester of Bali coffee and tea

Please Come And Try To Complete Your Memorable Holiday In The Island Of God. Our Safety Is International Standard.


Price :

Swing only US$ 35

Rafting + Swing US$ 70


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