Jeep Bali Tour + Rafting / ATV

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Jeep Tour Bali offers a fun and exciting trip in Kintamani. You’ll ride in a special Jeep to explore the amazing Batur Caldera area and see beautiful natural scenery. There are three different tours to choose from, depending on what you want to see. You can watch the sunrise at Mount Batur, see the huge expanse of black sand created by an old eruption, or drive through the rocky area near Mount Batur. Each Jeep will have a professional driver from KAJA and can fit up to three people. The whole adventure lasts for five hours and you don’t need to worry about the car because our Jeeps are reliable. This is a great opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Mount Batur Jeep tour Bali is 4WD Tours Bali with experience friendly staff. Our team will be a valuable source of information with their knowledge of the history of the eruption of Mount Batur that resulted in the beautiful landscapes that you witness. Ask them to stop at a safe place so you can comfortably capture the moment with your camera or cell phone. Make sure this additional option is included in the package you choose, yes, so that the itinerary can be clearer and the use of time can be more efficient. The Mount Batur Sea Sand Jeep Tour can also be combined with the next option, namely visiting hot springs. Located on the outskirts of Lake Batur, this natural hot spring can be used to refresh the tired body after an adventure.

Itinerary :
Pick up Ubud area 03.00
Kuta / Sanur / Nusa Dua 02.00
05.00: Arrive at the meeting point, meet our jeep driver and drive to the sunrise view point\
05.45: Arrive at the sunrise view point (this sunrise view point is located east of Mount Batur with an altitude of about 1,350 masl)
06.45 : Explore the Black Lava area of Mount Batur
08.30 Back to the meeting point parking
09.00 : Tour ends
Bali Jeep Tours Only Price 45 USD
Jeep Tour + Rafting 80 USD
Jeep Tour + ATV singel 115 USD
Jeep Tour 2 person + atv tendem 189USD